hofer eMobility is the composite of all companies in the hofer Group, which focuses on systems and components for alternative drive systems. The company, with over 800 employees, is specialized in design and industrialization of small volumes and will supply to customers from 2012 from the production site in Nürtingen. We also provide development and industrialization advice about all development issues around the electric mobility for high volume projects.

A strong network of partners guarantees a combined expertise and impact on all continents.

Since 1991, Dr. Heinz Schäfer’s team is working on the development and production of electrical drive components and systems. Joining hofer powertrain in 2008 revealed a unique expertise density in order to develop solutions that are affordable for customers. The second generation of electrical drive units will shortly be in production. The compact design and power density is setting new standards.

The interaction of over 300 experts at hofer is driven by the common goal to provide customers an attractive, affordable, production proved and efficient drive technology.

The necessary investments of tens of millions have been approved in the last board meeting. This includes the setting up of a production site for European customers in Germany.

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