Chaired by Dr. Schaefer conference "Electrification and hybridisation of vehicles" on 17th-18th November in Wuerzburg


The main focus of this event’s lectures and debates are trends in the electric drive technology as well as a holistic system approach in respect of the electric drive systems. As already forecasted at the previous event in 2013, the trend towards plug-in-hybrid in the case of premium automobile manufacturers continues. Reference should be made at this point to Porsche Panamera or to the Daimler S-Class. In the case of sporty vehicles such as Porsche 918 Spyder or BMW i8 an electric front axle is used in addition to improve traction properties. Also several purely electric vehicles have become established in the marketplace, most exemplary are Tesla S in the premium sector and BMW i3 in the small car segment.  

Besides those electric traction drives the trend towards “minimal electrification” with less powerful auxiliary drives in a 48V electric system is clear. The successive introduction of the 48V electric systems open new opportunities also in the area of auxiliary drives, such as electrical turbo charger, conditioning compressor, or start-stop systems (SSG, ISG), which will develop new applications in the power range of up to 20 kW peak power.

That means that the degree of vehicle electrification in the continuously increasing variety of products will grow significantly in the next years.
The increasing importance of electrification as well as its penetration into new application areas is the main focus of this years’ conference.
The conference is chaired by Dr. Heinz SCHÄFER (hofer eds GmbH), and is very well received with professionals. Large number of participants is again expected this year. Top speakers from major automotive companies and suppliers will give presentations. The latest Information and the conference programme are available here.
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