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27.08.2015 Follow the new trends in electrification and hybridisation of vehicles

The main focus of this event’s lectures and debates are trends in the electric drive technology as well as a holistic system approach in respect of the electric drive systems.

24.02.2014 Safety product development

Functional safety features form an integral part of every product development phase, and a new inverter designed for electric sports cars meets the ISO 26262 standard.

23.02.2014 35. Internationales Wiener Motorensymposium - Dr. Heinz SCHÄFER's technical presentation

The technical paper "Magnet-less electrical machines are characterized by a high material availability and therefore predestined for a broad application in hybrid and electric cars" will be presented at the poster expo during the Internationales Wiener Motorensymposium on May 8th-9th in Hofburg Wien. The author, Dr. Heinz SCHÄFER, will be on site to answer your questions.

22.02.2014 hofer powertrain at the International VDI Congress “Drivetrains for Vehicles”

hofer powertrain will be again represented at the International VDI Congress “Drivetrains for Vehicles” in Friedrichshafen.

28.08.2013 Electric drivetrain technology for hybrid and electric vehicle
The cost-optimal electric drive system, decisive for market success of hybrid and electric vehicles, is at the focus of the conference taking place every two years in Munich. The conference is chaired by Dr. Heinz Schäfer, managing director of hofer eds GmbH, and is very well received with specialists.
03.09.2012 hofer powertrain at eCarTec 2012
The 4th International Fair for Electric Mobility eCarTec focuses exclusively on e-mobility as a key future issue.
29.11.2011 Practice of Electrical Drives for Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles

Herewith we would like to draw your attention to the bi-annual regarding electric drives for hybrid and electric vehicles.The last conference was held in 2009 in Munich under the direction of Dr. Heinz Schäfer (Managing Director of hofer eds GmbH) and enjoyed a great resonance among experts.

01.06.2011 Volker Hartmann takes over Business Development
Volker Hartmann takes over Business Development


01.05.2011 Semikron an hofer pool their expertise
Nürnberg, 5 August 2010 - SEMIKRON and hofer powertrain are developing a flexible inverter system for using in mass production in field of hybrid and electric vehicles. The new Semikron SKAI 2 IGBT system was presented in May this year which is now available as custom specific solution including control hardware, software and also safety functions from hofer. The portfolio covers a power range of 600V IGBTs for applications up to 150kVA and 1200V IGBTs for up to 230kVA.
01.04.2011 The time is now ripe

Dr. Heinz Schäfer – Head of the development center hofer eds in Würzburg – told in the interview with the editorial staff of the MTZ about the breakthrough in the development oft he electric and hybrid vehicles

30.11.2010 hofer auf der CTI

hofer auf dem Internationalem CTI-Symposium  „Innovative Fahrzeug-Getriebe“ in Berlin

Veranstaltungsort:         Berlin
Veranstalter:                    CTI (Car Training Institute)